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Fantastisk countryfestival i hjertet av Europa! Jeg skal...

Come on folks! Take your NeXT years vacation here!!! I will be there!!!

NY singel snart

Ny EP på vei folkens!  2 nye sanger skal ut i løpet av februar!

New songs are being released very soon!  Hang in there!!

Listen to this countrychannel !!  

HØR PÅ 3FM Country https://www.countryradio.3fm-norge.no/tag/www-countryradio-3fm-norge-no/


Capt John McDonald

Hi!  I am John!  I am 57 years old and I live in Nesodden county just outside Oslo Norway.

I am an Army captain , thats why I have this CAPT in front of my name!

My hat carries the crossed guns from my branch, Infantry. I am a producer and artist.

Label; Capt John McDonald.

Registrations; Gramo, Tono, NCR. Producing company Tema Norge John Markussen.

Please enjoy my website! And listen to 3 FM Country!